The Moros c1900 (p.4)

Brass Agongs, a common Moro musical instrument

An ensemble of Kulimantan (also brass) and Agongs

A Sulu Wedding c1900

A wedding of the son of a prominent datu at the village of Maibun, the capital of the Sulu Sultanate. The bride's traditional wedding makeup is of a pure white coconut mix. The Datu stands to the far right of the marriage party and beside him is the the Imam who officiated the marriage ceremony. Note just behind and to the right an American woman, with hat and a veil, who was a guest. Before them is the wedding feast, under fly covers. What appear to be packages in the foreground are rice servings wrapped in banana leaves. Below left are the bride and bridegroom with personal servants on either side and the Imam and the Datu standing behind. Below right is a decorated wedding barge that carried the wedding party.