Town of Jolo in early 1900's

1922 Aerial Photograph at 1,000 feet, Chinese Pier upper left

1907 Hand Drawn map by officer's wife, Mrs. Fred Arnold, of town of Jolo

Looking towards town from outer wharf

Looking towards town from inner wharf

Chinese Pier from wharf

Government Building on left, Customs House on right

                              Inside the Pier Gate                                                         Bud Dajo in background

                                 Army Hospital                                                              Street inside of pier gate

             Asturias Gate, opposite of Pier Gate                           Asturias Barracks, outside town walls

                                  Town Market                                                                                 Golf Club

Major Hugh Lenox Scott, District Governor of Sulu 1906-1909, and Sultan of Sulu c1906

Scott and Sultan with Sultan's brother, the Rajah Muda, on arrival for U.S. visit in 1910

Merchants of the Chinese Community in Maibun on Jolo Island, c1906

Two Tausug datus examine photographer c1900

                   lunch on top of the town wall                                      sharing a bottle outside the walls

Above is the weapons lock-up for Moros entering Jolo Town

Two Tausugs recovering spears mug for the camera


Charley Schuck, his wife, Eddie Schuck c1910