Camp Vicars - 1902 (continued)

(Photographs from US Army Military History Institute)

     27th Infantry Private                              Camp veterinary hospital for horses and mules

                    Securing the perimeter with bamboo stakes                                       Mess hall duty

Brigadier General Samuel S. Sumner

    In September 1902, General Chaffee rotated back to the U.S. and General Davis (promoted to Major General) took Chaffee's place as Commanding Officer of the Philippine Department. General Samuel Sumner replaced Davis. Sumner, from a famous military family, had been in command of the American forces at the Battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba. At first skeptical, Sumner became a strong supporter of Pershing's unconventional command at Camp Vicars. This photograph marked his first visit to Vicars. Pershing stands on the far right, Chief Surgeon Richards on the far left, with Captain McNair of the artillery third from left. To Sumner's left is Major James Pettit, the District Inspector General and a good friend of Pershing. The identity of the exceptionally large Moro in the front row is not known.

    Left: Pershing and Sumner host Admiral "Fightin' Bob" Evans, Right: A floating crap game

Photos were titled "Horseplay in Moro costumes - Camp Vicars 1902". With a real kampilan and kris. En Garde!