Timeline of the 1st Battle of Bud Dajo - 1906 (continued)

March 6

   Colonel Duncan arrives early in the morning establishes his headquarters behind Position No. 2 at the South trailhead. Meanwhile White resumes his advance up the South trail, accompanied by four hand-picked sharpshooters from the 6th Infantry. Soon White encounters a huge abattis, a hedgehog-like, seemingly impenetrable barrier fashioned from tree logs and sharpened bamboo that spans across the entire hogback ridge. With a steep drop-off on either side preventing a flanking movement, the first man to go over the top is shot through the head and killed. The next man is badly wounded. Then unexpectedly, shrapnel shells from a Vickers mountain gun on the other side of the mountain rain down on their heads, forcing an immediate retreat back down the trail . Encouraged by White's unexpected progress and fearing an attack on his rear from Tausugs rumored to be coming up from Jolo, Duncan sends out orders for a first-light assault along all three trails at dawn the next morning, with Bundy and Lawton going all the way to the top while Koehler is to hold in place just below the West summit.